Rental reimbursement insurance. Few people know what it is. Even fewer care. But since you asked, it’s an inexpensive auto insurance option that, in the event of an accident, covers the cost of a rental car while yours is in the shop. Most people decline or are unaware it’s an option. But they’re also unaware that an average accident-damaged car takes 13 days to repair. Thirteen. Long. Days. We took this not-so-engaging topic and engaged drivers via a sneakily informative video and website.
The video ran on social and as pre-roll.
Consumers loved the campaign. The video surpassed a million YouTube views in precisely no time flat, and viewer response was overwhelmingly positive. Insurance agents loved it (and Enterprise), because consumers loved it. As much as insurers benefitted from the gratis advertising, nobody benefitted more than the nation’s #1 rental company.
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