Everclear conjures images of trashcans full of punch and college regrets. Oddly, the very thing that makes it desirable to that (unfortunate) segment of the market is what might appeal to the craft cocktail enthusiast: its high proof and neutral flavor profile. It's the perfect vessel for homemade infusions and bitters. The mixologists of the world already know this. The DIY sorts--those that cruise Pinterest in search of fancy cocktails they can craft at home--don't. Everclear wanted to distance itself from its unsavory reputation and reach this new home mixology market. The thrust of a the effort centers around an ever-growing website brimming with recipes, inspiration, and information: Make It Your Own by Everclear.
W    E    B    S    I    T    E   :
The homepage establishes the campaign with a mantra celebrating the DIY spirit. The primary content area rotates to feature seasonal/temporal featured content. 
A featured recipe bar invites users to explore the latest recipes, spanning several categories. Below the fold, the case for Everclear--it's neutral flavor profile and high proof--answers the "why?"
Featured recipes allure with striking photography and provide step-by-step instructions as well as links to supplemental content like downloadable bottle labels or general tips:
Featured Recipe: Aromatic Bitters
The Recipes page includes featured recipes and is supplemented by curated, third-party content via Pinterest:
Mixology 101 serves as a primer for novices:
Mixology 101
An Entertaining page provides inspiration for parties and gatherings via an embedded pinboard:
The Goods page features downloadable PDF labels and gift tags for bottles, jars, etc. as well as pinned merchandise.
Goods: Downloadable Labels
F    A    C    E    B    O    O    K    :
Sampling of Facebook visuals, driving to the website:
P    H    O    T    O    G    R    A    P    H    Y   :
As the site and social channels are ever-evolving, a steady stream of original photography is needed to generate content. This created timing and budget complications, and as a result, I had the opportunity to shoot a vast majority of the photography, save for some supplemental stock used on Facebook from time to time.
See my Everclear Photography project for a more.
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